Monday, 12 January 2015

25 Health and Fitness Tips to Keep you fresh and Fit in Urdu

We all know that distancing ourselves from nature can be harmful for us. The more we go close to mechanical lifestyle the more we are prone to catch diseases. So here's 25 tips for keeping yourself healthy and fresh and fit.
Hum sub jantay hain kay khana peena zinda rahnay kay liyay boht zaroori hai, laikin ziyada zaroori yeh hai kay hamain pata ho kay kia khana hai aur kia peena hai aur kaisay aur kis taran kay mahol main zindagi guzarni hai. Hum fitrat say jitna door hotay jatay hain utna hi ziyada beemarian aur pareshanian hum par hamla karti hain. Neechay diyay gayay kutch tips aap ki sahat aur tandrusti kay liyay boht zaroori hain. in ko parhain aur amal karain takay aap aik khushgawar zindagi guzar sakain.

1- Drink a glass of water before eating.
2- Eat a heavy breakfast but reduce the quantity of remaining meals throughout the day.
3- Eat slowly let food be grinded in the mouth at the first place to help digest the food easily by your 
4-  Do Cardio or aerobics 20 minutes a day, five days a week. Always stay active!.
5. Take as much food in your plate as you can eat easily.

6. Sit and stand or lie in a good posture. It gives strength to your body.
7. Swimming is a best exercise.
8. Reduce the intake of sweets in your food.
9. Do push-ups and other exercises regularly.
10. Don't skip any meal including breakfast.
11. Drink plenty of water but take less at night.
12. Sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a day. (Nap is also a must)
13. Never take alcohol as it works as slow poison for your body.
14. Reduce the intake of salt as it causes the accumulation of water in body and also not good for
15. Keep yourself stress free. You are what you think.
16. Take more Salads and greens.
17. Don't keep yourself hungry without a reason. (Periodical fasting for a purpose is OK).
18. Don't consume Fast food so often.
19. Soda is not good for you including Diet, caffeine free etc.
20. Fresh fruits and vegetables must be included in your diet.

21. Fiber rich foods must be included in your meals.
22. You must use stairs instead of elevator if you don't have a heart problem.
23. Stretching is good for your body.
24. Taking a vitamin daily can be helpful.
25. Always keep yourself away from disappointment or depression. 

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