Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Great Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements to Improve Beauty and Fitness in Urdu

Daily fish oil improves brain function in elderly. Regular intake of fish oil supplements may significantly reduce cognitive decline and improve brain performance in older adults, a study

 Jaisay kay aap jantay hain kay Pakistan main har cheez main milawat aur khanay peenay ki ashiya main milawat aik mamool ban chuka hai, aisay main Fish aur Fish oil supplements aik bahtareen mutabadal kay taur par istimal ho saktay hain aur aap ki shakhsiyat ko nikhar day saktay hain.  Neechay kutch faiday diyay ja rahay hain jo kay Fish oil aur Fish ki doosri products say aap hasil kar saktay hain.

In Pakistan it is a need of time that people start using fish products especially fish oil supplements keeping in view the harmful effects of the feed given to broiler chicken as we all know that fish is a complete diet for weight conscious people and especially for cardiac patients.
Please note the below stated benefits.

1     Protection against Air Pollution: It is very strange and proven fact according to a research that people living in air polluted countries like Pakistan can save their hearts from pollution by using fish oil products.

2      Reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis: The fish oil strengthens the bones and saves from osteoarthritis.

3      Reduce the signs of aging: It slows down the aging process for both males and females.

4      Improves Fat Burning:  It helps to control the weight and aids in burning the extra weight.

5      Increases the Brain Power: Fish oil supplements are greatly recommended for increasing the brain capabilities and especially for aged persons fearing the Alzheimer’s and Dementia or disease of forgetfulness.

6      Preserve lean muscle: It may prevent the muscle loss and adds to the power of muscles.

7      Bone Power: It helps to increase the efficiency and growth of bones.

8      Hair, Nail and Skin Improvement: Fish oil products are greatly recommended to improve the tone, hue and luster of Hair, Nail and Skin and give them a glamorous look. 

According to many researchers they  examined the relationship between fish oil supplements during the  Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) and indicators of cognitive decline. In this retrospective study, older adults were tested in neuropsychological aspects and brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) every six months. The group included 229 older cognitively normal adults; 397 who were diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment state; and 193 with Alzheimer's disease (AD).
 The study found that the adults who used fish oil supplements showed great improvement and lower rates of cognitive decline and brain atrophy.

The findings were later published online in the journal Alzheimer's & Dementia.