Friday, 9 May 2014

Useful Tips to lose Weight Fast in Urdu

Wishing to lose weight? If you're desperate to lose weight, eating healthy diet and slipping in exercise require some effort, but it actually doesn't have to require heroic effort.  Adopting just a few simple lifestyle changes can put you on way to losing weight. 

So here are some tips to follow and get you goal of losing the weight:

Add foods, don’t subtract
Forget diet refusal: Try adding more healthy foods to your diet instead of cutting them.
Add some healthy goodies you really like, e.g. deep-red cherries, juicy red or white grapes, or yummy strawberries. Start including those favorite fruits into your bag of lunch and breakfast cereal; Start adding the vegetables into soups, stews, and sauces. 

"Adding good foods really works provided you are adding healthy and non-fat foods and subtracting fatty stuff but addition doesn't mean piling up foods and increasing extra calories. You must be watchful of calories.

Don't take Stress regarding workout or Exercise.
Most of us get depressed by the idea of exercise and think that how would they do it? They don't find time and will to take exercise in the traditional way of going to GYM or running early in the morning. Simple idea is that you should find always an opportunity to move your body while doing other chores of life. The need is to keep moving and not the exercise as the word goes. Burning calories can be made effective by moving your body while walking briskly, while washing your car, climbing a slope, shopping in a big mall etc. 

Walking helps
Walking when the weather is lovely is a nice idea to keep yourself fit, even you  have a little time you can use it to walk few minutes and believe me it will help you.
If you have a big lawn, try a manual mower to cut extra grass.
If you have to go nearby don't take car or bike use your legs and feet to walk. If you have to reach somewhere by bus you should get down a few hundred feet earlier and start walking towards your destination.
Try moving around in a big shopping mall and you will get a healthy walking session.
Try to use stairs instead of lift.

Wazan kam karna asaan ho sakta hai agar aap apnay zahan par bojh mat dalain aur fikarmand na hon balkay apni zindagi kay maamlat ko aisay tareeqay say tarteeb dain kayaap ko ziyada say ziyada jismani kam karna paray to aap kay liyay wazan kam karna boht asaan ho jayay ga.