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Pakistani Girls Makeup and Beauty Tips in Urdu

Undoubtedly  Pakistani women are considered beautiful among all women in the world. Their distinct facial features, unique complexion and lustrous hair are a source of envy for 

others who do not belong to that particular community. Now here's a list of top 10 Pakistani beauty tips that would help you look as beautiful and gorgeous as a Pakistani woman. Give them a try.

Pakistani Larkian ya Khawateen apni personality ko aik nai look day sakti hain aur aik nai shakhsiyat hasil kar sakti hain agar woh makeup kay in tareeqon ko apnay routine makeup main istimal karain. Apni shakhsiyat aur color kay hisab say makeup ka intikhab karain. 

1. Follow the Basic Three-Step Beauty Regime:
Three steps include  – cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. Cleanse your face to wipe away the traces of grime and makeup, exfoliate (wash or rub with a granular substance to remove dead skin cells) to expose the fresh new layer of skin by removing the dead cell layer and moisturize to keep it hydrated. So, make it a point to follow this basic beauty regime.
2. Prepare the Base before Wearing Makeup:
Devote at least 5 minutes for applying primer before the makeup session. Only the correct  base can keep your face oil-free and hydrated, which is important to hold the makeup for long. So, apply proper base first, let it sit for 5-7 minutes and then start your actual makeup.

3. Do Not Put All Your Face Makeup On:
Choose the right makeup depending on their skin tone, the type of event and the time of the day. Keep your foundation away for the evening party as these might result into ugly patches or makeup melts during the daytime. Only a face powder that suits your skin tone will do.

4. Consider Skin Tone for Picking Face Powder:
Make it sure that you choose the right shade of face powder for yourself. It is essential for creating a simple yet attractive look. For Pakistani girls, Pink, peach,  etc. are the shades for those having a fair complexion. If you have a wheatish (Gandami) skin tone, go for yellow tones. 
5. Less is More for Blusher and Bronzer:
To get  perfectly rosy cheeks like Pakistani women, always follow the rule ‘less is more’. Apply only a little blush on your cheeks and balance it with lighter spreading on the chin and the temples. But stay away from using shades of pink or peach if you have a wheatish skin tone. The brown or honey bare shades will be the best pick for you.

6. Use Bronzer Wisely to Contour Your Face:
Avoiding bronzer is a good idea for dusky beauties. If you have a wide forehead, apply an illuminating bronzer just by the side of your hairline and mix properly. It will give an illusion of shadow at that particular part of your face and help your forehead look smaller.
7. Shape Your Nose with a Bronzer:
To make up the lack of a well-shaped and perfectly aligned nose you can use a bronzer. To get a soft look by accentuating your long and prominent nose, run your bronzing brush along the sides of your nose to get straight subtle lines. Make the tip of your nose look sharper or a bit blunt by downward or upward swipes of bronzer.

8. Highlight Eye Bones to Pop Your Eyes:
To get your eyes brighten up,  you have to draw attention to your eyes first. For a night event, a blend of gold and silver will be great, while a simple shiny white is ideal for the daytime makeup.
9. Select Eye Liners and Shadows Wisely:
Eye liner is a vital part of makeup  for Pakistani  girls and they mostly love to use the shade of universal black at night. For day time, brown or other similar type of shades are their favourite. The girls having  big and beautiful eyes can draw thick lines along their eye borders, while the women having small eyes should stick to thin and precise lines.
10. Look Gorgeous with Bold Lip Colours:
Bright  colours go extremely well with the beautiful lips and brilliant tint of Pakistani girls. Deep red, orange, coffee, brown, etc. are some of the popular 
shades that can be tried for a changed and appealing looks. Don't forget to line your lips with a matching and suitable shade of lip liner.

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