Saturday, 3 January 2015

10 Health & Fitness tips to make you fit and healthy in Urdu

(1) Cut you sugar intake, if every you feel like eating sweet, especially at late night, take some fruit with some peanut or almond butter. Its better to take this than to take a cake piece or any other sweet dish.

Aap jo kutch bhi khatay hain wohi aap kay jisam main tabdeeli lay kar aata hai. aap ko fit rahnay kay liyay aisi cheezon ka istamal karna chahiyay jo aap kay jisam ko tawanai to dain magar aap ko mota na karain. Is blog main aap ki rahnumai kay liyay 10 tips diyay gayay hain jin par amal kar kay aap kafi faida utha saktay hain. 

(2) Exercise on a regular basis can help put you on track. Its a good thing if you go out for  exercise with a friend so that you may not lose momentum and routine. This will help your body to regain its natural working order.

(3) Three diet friendly items should be on your dining table. (a) Vinegar (b) Fat-free Yogurt (3) Some nuts. These all satisfy your hunger but don't increase fat.

(4) A mild cold bath will help you body to shed its soreness which you feel after an exercise. Keep your lower body submerged into a tub of water for at least 15 minutes to give it complete smoothness.

(5) Buy comfortable shoes: You shoes play a significant role in shaping up your physical well-being. Always wear comfortable shoes and never emphasize on shoes having high heels even you are a man or a woman.

(6) Keep track of your Weight: Its a good habit to periodically check your weight to have an idea where your diet and lifestyle is taking you. Either to a lighter or a heavier side.

(7) Mix meat with Vegetables: Its a bad habit to only eat meat at a single time. Consider mixing some salad or veggies with the meat. Cut your beef or any red meat intake and keep it at 50% of what you usually take.

(8) Breakfast is important: Always have a healthy breakfast. Taking some oatmeal with a fruit or skimmed milk is good. you should keep on changing your breakfast items in order to have diverse energy sources.
(9) Water Intake:  Taking plenty of water and taking at suitable times is more important. Taking water immediately after the meals is not advisable as it tends to slow down the digestion and increase the weight. Best times for drinking water one glass in morning before breakfast, one glass one hour after the breakfast, one glass at 11 Am, one glass at 12 Noon. Basically after every hour you should take a glass of water but decrease the water intake after 5 PM and also avoid to take water after meals.

(10) Take Brown: Everything which looks white with some few exceptions like milk are not beneficial for health especially if you are on a diet e.g. refined floor, refined sugar, white bread, full fat cream etc. Consider consuming brown bread, brown rice and brown sugar etc.

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